Lent and Easter 2021 – Story and Pilgrimage

Here you will find information for Lent and Easter 2021 as it is ready… Watch this space!

Our Lent theme this year is Story and Pilgrimage; that is, we journey in our faith together and with God. During Lent we will be hearing from 5 different people during our Sunday Services, and on a Thursday night we will be reflecting on pilgrimage in particular.

Weekly parish letter with Lent details:

A short video for Ash Wednesday – showing the preparation of ashes and distribution on crosses to each of the 5 churches.

Guests stories on Sunday

Each Sunday our guest will be answering these questions:

  1. How you would describe your journey of faith?
  2. Is there any one object, picture, or maybe piece of music, that is particularly important to you?
  3. Is there a place that holds particular importance on your journey?
  4. If you could only pick one passage from Bible, what would it be?

Sunday 21 February – Rev Michelle Butcher

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